Aphasia Simulations

Simulating Difficulties with Reading Paragraphs

When you are ready, click on the START button and read the paragraph silently to yourself. Answer the questions that follow by clicking on the best answer.


Trees are defined as woody plants with a single stem or trunk, with several branches above ground. The tallest tree is the Coast Redwood of California, measured at 379 feet tall. Of the ten tallest known trees, four are located in the Western United States and four others are located in Australia. The stoutest tree with a single trunk is the African Baobab in South Africa. It measures 52 feet around its girth near the ground. The shortest tree is one variety that grows to only a few inches tall when it is mature and healthy. The oldest tree is the “Methuselah” pine, with a verified age of 4,844. The oldest human-planted tree has a verified planting date of 288 B. C., which makes it 2,299 years old.

1. The tallest tree is:

2. Of the ten tallest trees in the world, most of them are located in:

3. The Methuselah pine may be almost 5,000 years old, but its age is not verified:

4. There are no known date records for human-planted trees before 1000 A.D.:

In this example, a relatively short amount of time was provided, to simulate the slowness in reading that can be part of aphasia.