E-books and Audio Books for People with Aphasia

I recently ran into a couple of interesting resources that may be appealing to people with aphasia, who have difficulty with reading, as well as to speech and language pathologists.

LearningAlly is a website that offers a library of audio books for free to their individual members. In order to obtain free membership users need to be certified by:

“A qualified professional in the field of disability services, special education, medicine or psychology must attest to the physical basis of the visual, perceptual or other physical disability that limits the applicant’s use of standard print.”

Further information about certification is available on this page.

Once registered, users get free access to the software that runs on a PC or a MAC. Alternatively, LearningAlly also provides an iPhone/iPad app ($19.99) which can be used as a reader.

Project Gutenberg is a library of free e-books which can be downloaded to iPad, Kindle, PC, etc. Project Gutenberg provides access to about 33,000 e-books, and via their partners you can receive access to more than 100,000 e-books. Some of these books also have human-read audio. The only caveat with Project Gutenberg is that the majority of books in their library are older, as they solely provide books whose copyright has expired.

Let us know if you’ve had experience with using any of the above two websites and if  there are any other affordable resources for e-books and audio books.

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