Aphasia the Movie

Aphasia Movie Poster

Aphasia Movie Poster

Back in June I had an amazing opportunity to attend a showing of the Aphasia movie in Raleigh, NC. I highly recommend this movie to anyone whose life has been affected by aphasia.

The Aphasia movie has its own website and a Facebook page. Below we are sharing a short synopsis of the movie from its website, and three video clips.

“Aphasia” is the true story of actor Carl McIntyre who, after suffering a massive stroke and losing his ability to read, write and talk, struggles against overwhelming odds to redefine his life.

In addition to creating a narrative work of art, the purpose of the film is to raise awareness about aphasia and to give hope to those whose lives are affected by this disorder.

Carl has made great strides in his recovery due to his previous experience as an actor and his own sheer willpower.  That progress provides a source of inspiration to stroke survivors and their families.  Yet Aphasia is also a universal story that will speak to anyone who has triumphed over adversity.

Check out the movie trailer:

View the documentary about the making of the Aphasia movie:

Aphasia movie wins Best Short Film Audience Award at the Big Bear Film festival:

UPDATE: Take a look at a more recent post An Interview with Carl McIntyre.

UPDATE: See “An Interview with Elizabeth McIntyre” post on Aphasia Corner Blog.

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