Do Do Do

Lori Ramos Cavallo, founder of Care Partners Resource, was the caregiver for 8 years to her mother who survived a massive stroke in 2001. Lupe was left with expressive aphasia and said thinking she was saying words. Lori wrote this poem as a tribute to her mother’s ability to overcome this challenge with dignity and grace.

Three small uttered sounds

That mean so many things

Simple yet profound

They’ve given mom her wings

If only we could find

A book to let us know

The meanings in mom’s mind

Each time she lets them flow

Do do do, I want to go

To the restroom or to bed

Do do do why don’t they know

What’s right here in my head?

Three small sounds that have become

To mean so many things

In many ways freedom from

Mom’s internal screams

I can not imagine life

With words locked in my mind

Being able to survive

A challenge of this kind

But Mom has found a way

To conquer even this

Do do do is what she’ll say

Along with a smile and a kiss

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