June is Aphasia Awareness Month

June is Aphasia Awareness Month…. a time to put an extra effort in helping raise awareness of aphasia. In the past, many groups and centers have organized various activities throughout June to help raise aphasia awareness; for more details and ideas you can see the National Aphasia Association website, here, and here.

We wanted to feature a couple of events that will happen this June. Please let us know if there is an activity you are planning to organize and we will update this post with the relevant information (you can email us at blog@aphasiacorner.com or add the information in the comments section below).

The National Aphasia Association organizes the Regional Speaking Out conference every June. This year the conference is organized with the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago and it takes place on Sunday, June 26th at RIC. (We will be there; please say hi in Chicago if you read this blog.)

The Adler Aphasia Center is planning a variety of activities throughout June. One that I found particularly interesting is The Advocacy Group’s challenge at the Adler Center. They have challenged the Center’s members with aphasia to speak to three people to explain aphasia and to spread the word.

The Aphasia Center of California has organized its traditional Walk to Talk event on June 25th by Lake Merrit in Downtown Oakland. If you are in the San Francisco Bay Area, encourage your friends and family to Walk or Roll to benefit the Aphasia Center of California. For details please see the PDF brochure.

SCALE has recently launched an “Aphasia Friendly Business Campaign (AFB)”. They will be hosting a luncheon on June 9th to celebrate seven local businesses-ensuring barrier-free access to their services and products.

Speaking of Aphasia will be hosting their fifth annual Happy Hour Fundraiser in celebration of Aphasia Month on Thursday, June 16th in Montclair NJ. Bring your friends, and enjoy the opportunity to meet others who support the goals and mission of the National Aphasia Association in a relaxed, congenial atmosphere. For more details, see the PDF brochure.

Have you seen the movie “Aphasia“? If not, you will have a chance to do so throughout June at a couple of different places:

June is also Aphasia Awareness month in the UK. Our friends at UK Connect have a web page with some suggestions on how you can spread the word.

Finally, in collaboration with Dr. Jacqueline Hinckley we have recently launched online Aphasia Simulations. Dr. Hinckley has described why we’ve built the simulations in her post “Aphasia Simulations: What It Might Be Like To Have Aphasia“. You can easily share the simulations page on Facebook and Twitter and help us spread the word about aphasia and what it might feel like to have it.

How many people will you talk to this June, to teach them what aphasia is and what it might be like to have it?

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