Travel and Aphasia

Packed Suitecase, Hat, and Umbrella

A few weeks ago Eileen Erickson shared with us a great story – “He’s a Traveling Man” – about a first-time travel experience after her husband, Paul’s, stroke. Eileen’s post is full of various tips on traveling for the first time after a stroke. I strongly recommend this article to anybody who hasn’t read it yet.

What follows below is a digest of Eileen’s post and its comments, in a bulleted list of travel tips.

If you’d like to print the checklist, I recommend you download and print the PDF document: Travel and Aphasia Checklist.

If you have any tips that you don’t see on this list, please add them in the comments section at the bottom of the post. I will periodically update the post and the PDF checklist based on the comments from the users.

Planning Your Trip

  • discuss your travel plans with your doctors
  • travel with people who understand the needs of a person with aphasia
  • stay at a small place (for example, a small Bed & Breakfast where you may be the only guests)
  • make sure the location and accommodations meets personal accessibility requirements/needs
  • prepare a Medical Folder that contains the following:
    • written prescriptions for all medications
    • Health Care papers and medical/personal emergency information
    • a printout of driving directions for the nearest hospital (with a stroke center)
  • make sure that everybody in your travel party knows where the Medical Folder is packed
  • purchase earplugs
  • request a wheelchair service or the terminal golf-cart for the airport
  • work with your speech therapist on travel-related assignments
  • create a name tag. (For example, the front says: “My name is [NAME]. I have aphasia.” The back says: “I have trouble talking. I understand what you say and write, but it’s hard for me to respond. Please be patient.” Customize the text to reflect the communication difficulties of a person with aphasia.)

A couple of days before the trip

  • talk-through and plan for the Airport Maze

Day of Travel / At the Airport

  • pack all medications
  • don’t wear a belt and/or heavy jewelry (less hassle at the security gate)
  • wear shoes that are easy to take-off/put-on (less hassle at the security gate)
  • allow plenty of time for the trip to the airport and the check-in
  • take the ID from the wallet/purse and place it in a pocket
  • use the earplugs if needed
  • assess important places: check-in counters, elevators, bathrooms, signs
  • use wheelchair or terminal golf-cart
  • take your time at the security gate; let other passengers know and let them go in-front of you while you are setting your belongings in plastic bins
  • identify the nearest chair after the security gate; while repacking from plastic bins, person with aphasia can wait at the chair

Enjoy your trip! And, let us know if you have any other travel tips…

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